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Custom orthotic research

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    Matthew Ellerbrock

      You cannot make this stuff up… .from this weeks research at medscape.

      Title:   Shoe Inserts May Not Help Plantar Heel Pain

      **Important to note the diagnosis involved was “plantar foot pain”**

      Quotes from the article:

      Short-term pain relief was similar with and without shoe inserts, and there wasn’t any difference between pre-fabricated models and custom versions, the study found.  

      If they choose orthotics, patients should look for the cheapest option.

      So… you can read the article… but its summarized well above.  If your going to start with a crappy non specific diagnosis you better go as cheap as you can since your not going to get better anyways.


      William Brady, DC

        This continues to be a sad state of affairs.

        If only there were some way to determine what is actually wrong with these patients? Then we could decide if/when/what type of support would be helpful?

        Although, I bet a solution that involves details, investment, humility and skill would only appeal to the top 1%… Then that 1% will own the market, call their own shots, charge what they are really worth and provide insane value.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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