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Cohort Study on Cancer Medication

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    Seth Schultz, DC

      I know this is nowhere close to our wheelhouse but reading through the research was pretty interesting and jaw dropping at the same time. The study was done in Europe, but still very interesting to read. The authors never mentioned at what stage of cancer the medication was given, that is one huge data point that would have been beneficial.

      Of 23 indications associated with a survival benefit that could be scored with the ESMO-MCBS tool, the benefit was judged to be clinically meaningful in less than half (11/23, 48%).

      WHAT?! That is alarming to say the least. If this is what is happening with cancer medication the pain medication field can’t be much better.


      Matthew Ellerbrock

        This is some crazy listening Seth…. the cancer medication in that study probably costs $50,000…..

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        Common Sense 314 – Unhealthy Numbers

        Publish Date: Wed, 15 March, 2017
        Duration: 1:02:13 minutes – Size: 45.5mb


        William Brady, DC

          This stuff is disgusting. Think about this: why would cancer treatment work any better than chiro treatment or physical therapy? It’s all just people doing silly things.

          We don’t have a health care cost problem we have a health care quality problem. ALL providers, yes, in every field of medicine are basically just like chiros. Most only want to make some money while doing the bare minimum. Some care about their patients and want to do good work but make excuses like “it’s too hard” or “it’s too expensive.” Another group does mediocre work and think they are amazing because everyone else is so bad.

          The last group is us. We work hard, we pay our dues, we build amazing skills over long periods of time and, oh yeah, we actually help people. We are proud of our work and have a really great life as a result. Lastly, we make real money doing it. At the end of the day or end of their careers, all of these other jamokes are jealous of us.

          It’s a shame the system is so bad. But all we can control is ourselves. Keep up the great work. Keep your head on task and grind out the progress.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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