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Clinical Assistant Missing Work

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    Christopher Stepien

      How do you approach your clinical assistant missing work?

      My clinical assistant, since I hired her 3-4 months ago, has missed work for various (mostly legit reasons):

      • Sick
      • Hurt from her EMT job
      • 4 year-old god-son died.
      I understand these reasons.
      At the same time, I’ve now realized that working without a clinical assistant is undoable.
      My options:
      • Closing the office.
      • Having admin fill in (mostly to move the patient’s body, which unarguably is the most important aspect to her job).
      • Training and hiring 2nd assistant (since I’m barely doing a good enough job training 1st one, I don’t see this as tenable).
      Any thoughts here? How have you all dealt with this?
      I’ve never had issues with this because any other position is not as vital as the CA now is for us.


        welcome to real life sir, we had both of ours out for 3 straight days last week and it sucked, we are spoiled and its important to have them, but at the end of the day they are employees and will do that from time to time.

        One thing I continue to do is remind them and thank them for all they do, how important they are and how much they mean to the treatment and helping the patients.

        When people know they have value and purpose they will think twice before they call in, they dont want to let you or the patients down.


        Matthew Lytle


          The short term solution is to just grab your admin and have them move body parts for you, which will allow you to still provide excellent treatment.

          The other concern is that she was hurt doing another job. Does she still have this job? If she does it may just be that she is not prioritizing her position with you. If that is the case then you will always be the person she can push to the side when life is hectic. The solution their would be to find someone who’s main focus is her role in your clinic.

          Having a discussion with her to let her know the importance of her help with providing excellent treatment is definitely needed to set expectations, however, if you are the second job it won’t make you the number one priority and ultimately won’t fix the issue.

          Hope that helps.


          Matthew Lytle

            One more thought is that if she does have another job, what does that employment provide that yours does not, and can you provide it?


            Christopher Stepien

              Beautiful Matt and Matt. TY.

              I can do a better job letting my staff know how valuable they are.

              Matt L, yes, I’ve considered this. She is an EMT. I believe she does it out of passion. While she gets paid less than we pay her, it helps her supplement the 23 hours of work we do.

              I tried giving her more hours with video production (and editing), because she had past experience with this. But that’s not working for me.

              So, back to the drawing board.

              My options:

              Keep going as is. Wait for new doctor which at the latest, will come Dec 2019.
              Hire a new CA.
              Find other work for her to do.
              Ask her what she needs to quit EMT job and try to fulfill.

              For now, I’ll probably do 4, then 1. If I start hating life even more than I do, I may have to resort to 2.


            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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