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Case Study: Lumbar Disc (22 Year Old Male

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    Brian Zelasko, DC

      This case study has been awesome to follow and point out subtle ways to handle many different scenarios. Thank you!

      On a slightly different note, do we have a self at home test for the cervical spine? To this point, I’ve relied on symptoms during, after, and next day to help the patient tune in to certain activities. Obviously, an at home test would be a better way, like in this case, to catch irritation before the increase in symptoms.

      I would lean towards (and have periodically in the past) the upper cervical test against the wall, but I can see that test always being somewhat symptomatic in more severe cases. Then again, the test would still give a look into if symptoms were increasing or not.

      Just curious if there is a test I’m not thinking of.

      Thanks again!


      William Brady, DC

        Glad you are enjoying the case. There is no similar test for the cervical spine- I wish!



        Brian Zelasko, DC

          Thanks Doc!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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