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Best Practices for Facebook Ads

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    Christopher Stepien

      I’d love to know how each of you are doing with FB ads.

      Many of us have heard how Scott, Matt, John, and Drew have significantly increased their NPs through Facebook ads.

      It would be great if we could compile as much data as possible.

      I’d like to know:

      • Lx (are you in a city, suburb, or rural area)
      • How much have you spent
      • How many patients have you gotten
      • Specifics as far as how you format the videos and what works/doesn’t.
      • Targeting

      I’ll start.

      • North Jersey (big suburb)
      • Spend: In 2017, I spent $5,289 on Facebook ads (1/2 I boosted and did myself, 1/2 I paid a guy to help me create content)
      • Results: I got 2 patients directly (neck blog post and low back blog post) and 1 patient indirectly who followed me on FB and liked what we were putting out.
      • Specifics: I’ve tried doing videos with no intro AND an intro, our logo animation AND no animation, just treatment AND with me talking, talking in front of my computer, boost blog posts, etc.
      • Targeting: I’ve been targeting only people who make over $100k … in the past, I’ve target peopled who have purchased based on “pain”

      If anyone can share your results, I’d appreciate it.


      Scott King, DC

        What is your lifetime expected collections based off each patient that has come in off facebook? If it matches up 1:1 with your ad spend to get those 2 patients that is great. I have found that the biggest ROI on facebook patients is new region exams and word of mouth referrals, which is where the ROI starts to really pay off. $5000 in one year is small peanuts to be competing against the worlds biggest brands (most of which are starting to pump millions into the ads platform), and in 2018 the $5000 will be significantly less effective than it was in 2017. The biggest thing to remember when advertising is that nobody cares how special you are, all they want to hear is a digestible story that leads them to believe that you have a solution to their problem.


        Christopher Stepien

          I appreciate that perspective Scott.

          My concern with my $5k ad spend is that I recall hearing from a few guys that they’d get 2 NPs per $100 ad spend. That may be inaccurate, but that’s why I’m trying to clarify now.


          Eric Lambert, DC

            I just started advertising on Facebook this fall Chris. Help from all the guys you mentioned helped me. I’m guessing some of your questions would also be dependent on the part of the country you are in. I’m in the second largest city in Michigan in a suburb. The most I’ve spent in a month so far has been $450 and $350 on one ad. I increasing my spending after talking to the guys at the past couple seminars. So far I my total spending is still under $2000 for the past 6 months and I’ve had 5 new patients and a few other calls. The new patients and calls happened only after I increased the spending mid-October. So I’ve been very pleased with advertising only a little. But I’m also still learning and increased spending does get more response. Not sure if I’m correct on the location based spending theory, hopefully the other guys that are better with FB will be able to help more.



              Ill give you my numbers as I went all in on facebook this year. 18,500 on ad spend, that equated to approximately 42 new patients on case fee (lowest case is 2k.) You have to be willing to spend and spend big to get any traction, facebook is changing and was really cheap for a while for what you get, not as much now, but it still is the best tool we have.

              My biggest advice, keep your videos simple and short, my best videos show my thumb on the area that hurts and says this is treatment of adhesion, adhesion causes blah blah blah and we are experts at fixing it. Both of those videos have over 300k views and a massive ROI.

              Our biggest problem is not being known to the world, this is the way to do it and show people we are different and better.


              Christopher Stepien

                TY Eric and Matt.

                Your results and actual numbers are helpful.

                : )


                Christopher Stepien

                  Just an update on how we are doing with marketing.

                  • SPEND: Have been spending $100/day on FB/IG.
                  • LEADS: Got 40 leads in October, 2018 from social media.
                  • CONVERSION: Converted 25 of them. Most of these patients are out-of-network insurance people paying $185 for exam and $85 for treatment (until we are reimbursed).
                  • CASE FEE: We went case fee a few weeks ago, and 2 of them are case fee conversions.

                  William Brady, DC

                    That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing. Let’s do some math:

                    25 conversions at $185 each new patient visit = $4625 on a $3000 spend. You made $1600 above marketing costs even if no one comes back. I’d go straight to $200 per day (with the best performing ads) as that’s a huge return on investment.

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