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Auto and PI cases

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    Ryan Madigan, DC

      Does anyone see auto or PI cases or are they just a pain in ass and not worth doing. I have a few possible cases and was just looking for opinions if they are worth the headache. Thanks!


      Carl Nottoli, DC

        Not worth the headache.


        William Brady, DC

          Not worth it if you are busy. They are a huge pain in the butt. If you have space in your schedule and a high frustration tolerance taking a few of these cases can make some money and be good practice.


          Eric Lambert, DC

            I would agree and say they are a pain, especially here in Michigan with no fault, unless the company is willing to pay you in full for your fees and I have not had an auto case willing to do that yet. And if you are still taking assignment they will cut your fees in half to begin with and require a lot of paperwork.



              Money can be made with PI’s, but paperwork has to be more extensive, you won’t get paid for a long time (6 months to a year), sometimes you might not get paid at all, lawyers want a nice padded bill (but not too much), which is easier to get if you use a ton of unnecessary therapies, then at least in my area, you get a lot of undesirable patients with PI cases that miss appointments, lie, etc.

              And it never happened to me, but there is always a chance that you have be deposed if it goes to trial. And the lawyers expect a discount, if you want repeat business.

              I would say that taking medpay makes things easier, but sometimes they get a lawyer and then it’s the same hassle.

              All that said, it is nice to get a random check for a couple thousand. I did them cause i needed the money, but 60% of them were a huge pain in the ass.


              Matthew Ellerbrock

                The most obvious problem I have found besides attorneys and slow rate of pay, is th struggle with one of these if they have multiple areas injured…. you really dont want to manage a low back and neck and shoulder and knee complaint at the same time… and with auto insurance the clock is ticking from the minute they were injured.

                I can echo the same thoughts, but to make is super simple, if you have the room in your book to take one on, go ahead, if they have one area of complaint…realize its more work than a cash patient of course…. but if you do, do this:

                Process MED-pay portion of their car insurance (pays immediately and sometimes doesn’t discount) first.

                Process health insurance second. I assume your still taking insurance if your going to accept an auto case. (they guys who get rich on PI have huge overhead and do many many procedures each visit and bill $300/visit, not conducive with clinical excellence)

                Finally bill the patient for the remainder balance. The patient needs to know you are being super nice waiting this long, but they also need a little skin in the game so that this can get settled.

                I usually have the patient track their trips to the office and time they missed work, and calculate a reasonable offer for settlement, and steer clear of the attorneys.


                Eric Lambert, DC

                  I’ll clarify for Michigan Ryan, since you will be dealing with the same issues as I do. First, we are a no fault state. Attorneys typically don’t get involved unless the case is incredibly bad. Most PI patients get referred to PT’s in the hospital networks. Thus, DC’s never really see many of them. I think in 20 years of practice I have had 10 PI cases. Also, if you are still taking insurance, you have to bill the patients medical insurance first, take the discount the medical insurance makes you take and then bill the auto for the remainder, and if the remainder is not larger than the amount the auto insurance discounts, then they will pay you that. Again, typically it’s half the amount you bill and you have to do more paperwork for it. Just FYI, Michigan’s auto/PI cases are slightly different than other states.


                  Matthew Ellerbrock

                    Thats good to know Eric. Your roads are devastatingly bad, and if anyone would be at fault it may as well be the state of michigan for potholes the size of a Yaris.

                    Are you guys able to bill a patients Medpay for their own policy? (its mandatory everyone has that in Ohio) Its a quicker way to get paid, not a deal changer. AA is not a way to get rich, just a way to get your hands on another patient if you already do not have enough.

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