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Are you 8% committed to excellence?

Exit forum ID Forum Discussion Are you 8% committed to excellence?

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    Carl Nottoli, DC

      I have been getting a lot of questions lately about what needs to be done to get better. Simply put, it takes focus, diligent work, and humility.

      For some people that actually need to know the time commitment piece, here you go. Setting aside 30 total minutes each day (5 days/week) you would get through all the material on the ID site in 23 weeks! Less than half a year and you would be exposed to every single video on the site…that’s an insanely easy path to get better quick. The 8% is the total time committment per week assuming a 40 hour work week. If everyone took the time to do this and then repeat this same formula over and over, you could have the practice of your dreams.

      Here is what you get by putting in the focused work:

      1) Clinical swagger–the confidence to know what to do and what to say to get people excited, follow directions, and refer patients. Oh, and patients actually get better!

      2) Pricing power–you can stop taking insurance and raise your fees 10% each year.

      3) A happy and fulfilling job, along with the physical longevity of not beating yourself up physically. This is reduced by knowing the top structures to treat and by not having to see a massive amount of patients to pay the bills.

      So ask yourself, are you 8% committed to excellence?


      Seth Schultz, DC

        Awesome post Carl! I have been asked multiple times from people outside of the healthcare profession “If what you do is so effective, why isn’t everyone doing it?”. My response is the same each time. It’s takes a lot of hard work and is a commitment that most providers aren’t willing to sacrifice after the realization that manipulation isn’t king. But for us it’s a no brainer! Provide the best care possible and taking a half hour each day to watch the videos becomes a habit that no one else is doing. Keep grinding guys!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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