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Another Celebration [New MAR on LB]

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    Christopher Stepien

      I’m not one to celebrate or pat myself on the back.

      I’ve done 2 small groups over the past 2-3 weeks, doing the new MAR on the LB erectors (done on the ground, not on a table) twice.

      I’ve noticed, in the past week, that I actually want to treat low back problems (and I’m still incompetent at capsules).

      I think Bill’s an asshole for developing this technique 10 years after I first started ID. However, I think he is wonderful for doing this before I died. LOL.

      To do this protocol twice, and to notice more changes than ever before, feels really good.

      See you all at L1.


      William Brady, DC

        Thanks Chris. We have upgraded the MAR for Lumbar Erectors!!! There will be new video and equipment released in the next 2-4 weeks. We are in the final stage of prototyping… Let’s just say it is a total game changer.

        I feel this way every day “Why didn’t I think of this sooner!”

        I’m looking forward to the reveal, teaching it in March and having you all get the fastest/most complete results ever!


        Matthew Ellerbrock

          While I already could not wait until friday, I cannot wait until friday. I am hoping I will get the sneak peak on this new technique and ‘equipment’ at our small group.


          Matthew Ellerbrock

            It is as Chris said, a game changer. You will want to see this.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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