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Advice for a final year student

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    Christopher Aysom

      Hi all, hoping you might be able to help with some advice. I’m a final year Chiropractic student at Macquarie university and have been a consumer of the ID material for about a year now. I’ve found it to have answered the a lot of the questions left over from my education and also helped tremendously with better understanding patient presentations in my work as a massage therapist.

      With a view to heading into full-time clinical practice next year, I’m strongly considering making the trip over to attend the upcoming lumbar/hip seminar in March as a starting point.

      I was hoping to get some feedback on whether this seminar is a good entry point for the hands-on training. Also interested to hear any thoughts from your own experience, about whether it’s a good thing to kick-start this process now, or whether it would be better to wait until completely finished with university. Being located in Australia it’s a big commitment to invest the time and money right now, so I’m just interested to hear any thoughts you may have with the benefit of hindsight!

      Appreciate any advice on this. Thank you!


      Drew Ruebbelke

        Hi Chris,

        Congrats on almost being done with university, and nice work on diving into ID while still in school. The lumbar and hip seminar is a great place to start for getting hands on, and since you’re coming from far away, I would also invest the extra money into a small group the day before the seminar to maximize your time and effort, if a small group is available. A few of us started ID very early in school, and started going to hands on seminars as much as we could before graduating. I took an extra school loan out to have all the seminars and a small group seminar completed before graduating. Invest as much into this as you can, as often as possible, and you can never start too soon. It pays off, my friend. Hope this helps.


        Carl Nottoli, DC

          Congrats on being part of the awesome ID community!

          As an instructor, I personally believe the lumbar/hip seminar is the most streamlined, easiest (relatively) to implement, and most of what you’ll see in full time practice.

          Invest heavily in your skill set via ID. As Drew said, it pays off!

          See you soon.


          Seth Schultz, DC

            The lumbar and hip seminar is a great place to start! The level material now is so streamlined that your ramp up time to competence is half of what is used to be. That credit goes to Dr. Brady and the instructors for making this easier for all of us to digest. Just from a numbers stand point low back cases will make up the majority of your practice. If you can set yourself a part from the standard at early point in your career the better. ID is the system to do so.

            And to echo what Drew said, invest early into ID. This will set you up for a very promising career and significantly change your patients life!


            Christopher Aysom

              Thanks very much for the advice guys, I really appreciate you taking the time to respond. I guess I better go and renew my passport ASAP!

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