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    Scott Glidden

      In a few weeks I’m attending a big networking thing for attorneys and I will be there preaching about ID and its effectiveness for their clients (I’m not fully booked so I’m all about that PI life at the moment). My entry fee includes an 8″x5″ B/W ad in the booklet that goes out to everybody. Any suggestions on what it should/shouldn’t have on it would be very helpful!



        From my experience the attorneys really don’t like what we do, because we actually get the patient better, which is bad for the case and bad for their bottom line. I have found with a few direct personal relationships with ones that actually care they send the patient in after the case is closed to actually get fixed.


        Scott Glidden

          Thanks for the input. I’ve done cold calls recently asking “what do you do with your patients that don’t see results with PT or chiropractic care?” Since they get a percentage of all cost that goes into it I would imagine they wouldn’t like us much, but I thought if I went through that angle maybe I could get a person or two.


          Christopher Stepien

            I would imagine that you’d have a better chance of finding a lawyer with a chronic issue than getting them to want to refer you patients as PI. While you’re doing PI now, I imagine you feel like you’re not going to do it forever given how ID is progressing (cash, then case-fee). Energetically, that creates a split and prevents any one of us from going 100% into “getting PI clients”.

            I’ve noticed when I say I want one thing (75 patients/week), but subsconsciously want another (my hands hurt when treating more than 50 patients/week), I never get there.

            FB/IG seems to be working extremely well for a handful of ID docs. In the past 3 months, I’ve finally gotten it to work. If you can, I’d spend time/energy/money investing here to get NPs.

            Hope that helps Scott.


            Eric Lambert, DC

              Scott, I agree with Chris, spend more time in trying to get FB/IG to work. I’ve had a few patients come in from that with minimal effort.

              One of the biggest, most helpful things I’ve done is get a few MD’s to come in and fix them. Most MD’s don’t want traditional chiro care and they have no idea all the functional stuff can change, if done right, like we do using ID. I’ve fixed a few of my local MD’s and they are my biggest referral sources.

              PI cases aren’t helping me anymore, especially since we have gone out of network with all the insurances. I have recently had the issue with two of my patients being cut off or denied their PI reimbursement because I am not in network and don’t accept assignment from the private or auto insurance company. The insurance companies have called me to ask if I would take a pay cut to have the insurance pay me and I said no in both cases. I’m not sure if this is a common act now, but both patients are upset with their insurance company now because I’m the only one who has ever helped these two patients who have been through a lot. It’s really sad what’s happening in the insurance world. I’m not sure how the PI cases work in your state with attorneys, but if you are cash it may be harder to deal with. Good luck though.


              Scott Glidden

                I’ve been doing some posting via FB/IG and today I put $60 behind a 4 day ad. Its not much, but I’m really not sure what would be enough. How much are you putting behind ads and how long? What are demographics are you finding success with? I would FAR prefer making interesting posts for social media than be repeatedly sent to office managers’ voicemails.


                Matthew Ellerbrock

                  I can echo that PI is almost anti ID. The system is 100% set up to reward incompetence as long as you write up pretty notes and know how to max bill for services .

                  I am just starting at FB ads more consistently. It seems that the best is to market to your patient base via email/newsletter and in office with consistent message /communication.

                  Sadly finding a lawyer who is in the PI world who bleeds for their patientS speedy recovery is not a good investment.

                  That being said preaching ID never gets old and can never be done enough.


                  Christopher Stepien

                    I’m no expert.

                    Scott King and Matt Maggio seem to have perfected this.

                    I’ve only put money behind treatment videos, which seem to work quite well.

                    The cost of acquisition seems to be around $100/patient.

                    I was spending around $400/month (getting 4 NPs/month), and have recently increased to $800/month (getting 8 NPs/month), with plans to go up to $1500-2000/month in the next few months.

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