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A Plea for Engagement & [Marketing]: IG Robo-Followers?

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    Christopher Stepien

      Hi All,

      This is a 2-for-1 post.

      I’m extremely happy with the way social media has been producing for me the past few months. It took me years to hear Maggio and Scott’s advice and it’s finally producing.

      Question: Has anyone played with robo-follower businesses that follow/unfollow your target audience on IG? I want to keep tweaking to see if I can make this better.

      FYI – it really helps me when people continue to use this forum. I post probably 10% of the questions and thoughts I have out of fear of being overwhelming and sensing a lack of engagement here. This causes me to learn the hard way. Knowing Carl and Brandon will answer me keeps me posting 10% instead of 0%.

      I would love it if more people discussed their questions, concerns, challenges here so we can all learn from each other’s mistakes instead of each individual having to make their own.


      Scott Glidden

        I agree Chris–I’ve got a ton of questions and I’m sure we aren’t the only one who has them.

        In regards to your IG posts, what content works best for you and how much $ are you putting behind it? I’ve got my website pretty well optimized for SEO (according to scores on google pagespeed and so now I’m focused on content and getting my page to rank higher on google.

        I know clinically I need to be at seminars, but I’m working on it. I’ve walked into literally every building with a lobby in downtown Milwaukee talking with building managers about presentations and injury screens, setting up 5k tents, networking with gyms and next week I’ve got an interview to bartend a few nights a week. I also subject my girlfriend to being my MAR practice partner a few times a week. Fuck a social life–I’m all in on getting to where I need to be with my practice first and foremost.

        Thanks to everybody who helps with my questions!


        Eric Lambert, DC

          I agree with you Chris about the Forum. I actually learn some from every post and it helps us all, I believe, when more people contribute. I would love to see more engagement and discussion on the forum as well.

          As far as IG, I’m not really great at it. Robo people like and unlike my IG stuff all the time. I’ve engaged with a couple of them, but don’t notice much from it. The most I’ve noticed has come from spending more money for the engagement.

          Thanks for continuing to post and engage us all.


          Paul Nottoli

            Don’t do it with Robo-followers. Instagram and Twitter are actually creating more algorithms that punish people if they have people doing this for them and if you have too many “fake” or “robo” followers.

            Just keep posting great stuff, keep spreading your message and mission consistently.


            Ryan Pribble

              I agree with Paul. I don’t know much about it, but I find it a bit shady. I think posting good content and getting quality followers should be more of the focus.


              Christopher Stepien

                TY guys.

                Spoke with Scott K. this weekend, it was a short conversation, I’m NOT going to do robo-followers.

                Scott – Tx videos! I’m currently boosting $100-$150/day. Had 23 leads in September at $85/treatment.

                I spoke with someone at the seminar this weekend who said he tried it 1-2x then stopped. I did this a few years ago and kept asking myself, “What are Scott/Maggio doing that I’m not?”

                I believe the keys are:

                • Keep boosting – it’ll work eventually. As you get traction, start pouring more money into the videos.
                • Make sure COPYwriting (of all posts) and VIDEO quality are as high as possible. I believe this can be done on an Iphone, but lighting and clarity matters.

                I took a copywriting course a few years ago and it has paid dividends.

                Here’s a free post that explains copywriting from the guy I spent $1k with.

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