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8 months post TKR

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    Andrew Wengert

      73 year old male
      Total knee replacement 8 months ago
      Manipulation under anesthesia 2 months ago
      80 visits of physical therapy
      Knee flexion is at 110 degrees
      Extension is limited (back of knee 2” from table when laying supine) and more painful than flexion.
      The patient had a machine that would passively flex and extend his knee and after being on that could get to full extension and 130 degrees of flexion. The benefits of using this machine and physical therapy were not lasting at all.

      On palpation there is a ton of thick dense adhesion/actual scar tissue where the capsule is.

      I actually contacted another orthopedic surgeon to see if they even leave the joint capsule during surgery and he said that they do unless it is really inflamed. If it is inflamed then they will remove it.

      Would this tissue I am feeling be actual scar tissue vs adhesion?

      If so can treatment have any lasting effect?

      Has anyone had any success treating a case like this that is 8 months post surgery?

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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