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50 YO Male with Neuroma

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    William Brady, DC

      I have a 50 year old male with mild pain between his 3rd and 4th toe upon waking and random other movements.

      Initially, I was treating him for PF-itis, but that’s resolved.

      He has PF insertion and 3rd/4th toe Sx getting out of bed in the AM.

      I compressed his Metacarpals and his pain increased, confirming SOL.

      With his relatively mild pain, should I get an MRI to confirm the neuroma? Or should I just say “You have a likely neuroma and this is your ceiling?” How does a neuroma affect other joint mechanics?

      I can’t get his PK Test to be symptom-free. He has a lot of adhesion there, but I imagine the neuroma is causing some protective tension with the PK Test. If that’s true, then his mechanics are being significantly affected and I should pursue a confirmed diagnosis and potential surgery for it.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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