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45 Y.O. Woman with TL Pain @ Midline/Right

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    Christopher Stepien

      I’ve been treating a 45 Y.O. woman for almost 5 months with TL Pain @ midline/on the right.

      She claimed it felt like the spine was trying to move off of something or trying to find a place of stability.

      • Quality – stiff/tight
      • Intesity – 6/10
      • Provoked – lifting, using it, cooking, cleaning
      • Palliative – rest, lying down.
      • SLR – 100% B
      • SHF – 92% R | 85% L
      • QLF – 0-4″ flat or 60%
      • KHE – 75% R | 82% L
      • SLPF – 100%
      • T-Flexion – 4″ of flatness at 2-3 spots in below T6
      • T-rotation – 100%
      1. Adhesion
      2. SOL in Low back, likely disc
      After 19 treatments, everything is resolved except for pain around the T12-L1 longissimus when she cooks or washes dishes for a few hours.
      Currently, her QLF is 80% (0-2.5″ flat from L4-S1, all other Lumbar segments flex, and there’s a 4″ flat spot in the TL area, which I know, is natural here due to the reverse in the curve).
      My question is, are there any other structures I could be treating. I go back and forth between treating adhesion in QLF and TF and can feel less adhesion after I treat in those areas. They’re just not changing the symptoms.
      Weakness is not an issue.
      Is there anything else I can be missing?
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