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$2600 Case Fee with Low Back Pain Patient Who has 0% QLF?

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    Christopher Stepien

      Don’t have time to put the case up here yet, I’ll do it tonight.

      I sold a $2600 (complex) case fee for a low back pain patient who has ZERO ability to flex.

      He has about 30-40% restriction in his SLRs and SHF. With these, I told him, “50% relief and we throw a party.”

      He’s been to me before and trusts me. He signed up for the case.

      My concern is the inability to treat his low back. I hope I can unload it enough to that he can start flexing.

      I intend to try having him go from quadruped to child’s pose to lengthen his erectors by nutating the sacrum.

      Am I in the right to take this case on and try it 3-5 treatments?

      He’s also a 9/11 cancer survivor from the toxins. I don’t want to do wrong by him.

      Looking for confirmation, I guess.


      William Brady, DC

        I’ll take a crack at doing this the limited information way.

        First off, good for you switching to case fee and charging what you are worth. Also, good for you for wanting to further investigate how accurate your assessment was.

        Zero motion of the low back is usually a real big degenerative problem or a lumbar scoliosis. Almost never predominantly adhesion. You need to individually assess his adhesion and other diagnoses, then assign a percentage to each. That is what you base your report of findings on.

        You can relax a little bit, because this is an estimate. It WILL vary.

        Even if you can’t treat the low back there are other regions that are limited. Treatment there should help too.

        Looking forward to seeing the rest of the details.


        Christopher Stepien

          TY Bill. That’s what I suspected. Will report back in.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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