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James Phipps

    Disc resorption is a topic I would like to know more about. I can see how treating QLF and load management would help with disc resorption but does treating sciatic nerve at the external rotators help with that as well? (Will that extra nerve tension on the disc prevent resorption?).

    During your communication with him regarding disc resorption you said that he was out of the woods as far as the nerve being squished and compressed but isn’t that area much more likely to herniate out again? (or is that a discussion for another day, and that visit was all about the victory?)

    I would have already added 15 pounds to the good morning, what information made you hold off on that for now and add upper body exercises instead?

    BJJ is a topic that hasn’t really come up with him since the initial visit. Do you anticipate having to discuss this with him? Your communication has set it up so he hasn’t even asked about it, which highlights how good communication will prevent questions like that.

    Overall this case showed me how good communication can get, how fast adhesion can break down even with a massive disc herniation, and how not to be in a rush to add load.

    Thank you for taking the time to record and post it, this has been a tremendous help to my practice.