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Christopher Stepien

Awesome Scott!

That’s a relatively complete history, exam, and Dx.

I’m curious how it feels or what you think of writing all of that out? You don’t have to answer, unless you want to.

Thoughts on the Dx:

Load: Did he happen to say if there were any loading factors leading to 3 months ago through now? (This would help us pinpoint the damaged tissue).
Sx: You initially said his symptoms were constant. Which part of the diagnosis is reverse compatible with constant?
Provocative: Did any provocative movements reproduce his soreness, weakness, or stiffness? Did any neck motions provoke his CCx? (This would help us determine which tissue is responsible for his soreness. If there was no provocative movement of his C/Cx, that’s a yellow/red flag for treatment being ineffective.)
Dx Adhesion: With his range suddenly and noticeably decreasing, adhesion wouldn’t do that. It prioritizes “structure” over “adhesion”. The question becomes with palpation, do you feel enough adhesion pull tight to justify putting it on the list at all?

Seems to me this might be a load management type case instead of treatment.