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Christopher Stepien

Hey Scott,

In my earlier days on the forum, I’d post data points or ask my questions (I still sometimes do this) and I’d have a more experienced ID provider reach out to me and say:

“Chris, you’re active on the forum and you’re doing good stuff with ID. But if you don’t have a tissue-specific diagnosis, you’re short-cutting the process and therefore, going to make ID life really hard on yourself.”

Carl bringing us back to “What is the tissue-specific diagnosis?” is really important for all of us to continue to make sure we’re discussing before we ask our questions on cases.

Bill doesn’t say this, but I’ll say it here. I wonder how we’d all progress (and if the forum would be more effective) if we weren’t allowed to post on the forum until we outlined:

1st Order hx Points
Tissue-specific Diagnosis
2nd Order hx Points (that reinforce or not #2)
Then ask our question.

Just some thoughts, Hope you don’t mind my observation.

Can you come up with the diagnosis and we can continue this conversation?

It’s good stuff and you’re using the forum is helping me learn. Thank you.