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Adam Holen D.C.

    Appreciate the responses, both very helpful. I’ll try to keep my initial consults more concise and have the front desk own the concept on the phone, in office, and after the consult.

    As for the washouts, everyone has done an exam and generally gets to about 3-4 visits in, but from then on it depends on the patient. Again, I need to step up my communication by showing them the map and emphasizing the value, but regardless most drop out because they either feel better or think it’s like a regular chiro and they can just come back when they have pain. I’ve run into a lot of people who are/were excited, but had a vacation or were gone for work and didn’t follow up again. So my goal is to own that this is different and not how we operate, but I want to handle it in as professional of a manner as possible.

    My focus is primarily on getting new patients and people who need this to start fresh, but I don’t have as big of a pool as more rural areas for turnover to keep the numbers up and growing. Admittedly this is personally frustrating because I know there are areas I need to improve on that will help with this issue. Was just curious how others handle patients who flake out (for whatever reason) and then want back in.