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Scott Glidden

    In a perfect world both would be the answer, but I’m done convincing myself to overleverage myself financially for ID. I 100% attribute my growth to ID and I do regularly make some great sustainable results. I even recorded a video testimonial where the patient says, “ Treatment from Dr. Scott makes me feel like a motherf*cking rockstar. You need to see him!”

    Before I started with ID I was working out of small rooms in 2 gyms, charging $45 for a 30 minute visit (all cash). As of Monday I’ll be at $65 for what equates to a 10-15 minute appointment (only scheduling 20 min slots to allow for front desk work; will go down to 15 with staff) and I’ve got a small but beautiful 2 treatment room office in the heart of downtown.

    To get where I am now I credit carded the seminars I took plus bought into one of the gyms I was working at (big mistake). Then I overextended myself again with Dr. Brady coaching (overextended but worth every damn cent) and either the security deposit/buildout of my new space. I have confindence in ID, but my extra $ outside of my seminar/staff dilemma is solely going to erasing my previous overextensions. I’m going on a 2 day snowboarding trip in northern WI that I anticipate to be my only “vacation” in 2019. There is no fat to cut in my budget, but I’m all in on practice growth for 2019. I’m banking on riding a thin margin to bigger gains by using the tools I learned through coaching and ID. With that being said, front desk staff would raise my PAVE score and would allow me to see more patients, which would be particularly useful for the start of my early days and end of my late days and for upcoming events. Thanks everybody for your opinions and support!