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Integrative Diagnosis providers obtain a 20° increase in the Straight Leg Raise (SLR) test after treating adhesion around the sciatic nerve with Manual Adhesion Release®- and the results hold at one month follow up. Plus the patient reports a 90% decrease in hip and low back symptoms.

The assessment of function is an integral part of the ID system. After the primary deficit is identified, the specific cause of the deficit is diagnosed. In this case it was adhesion between the sciatic nerve and surrounding muscles. After the diagnosis is established safe, effective treatment can be applied. In this case it was Manual Adhesion Release between the sciatic nerve and external hip rotator muscles. After treatment the test is reassessed. Here the test improved by a massive 20 degrees.

The presence of adhesion must be considered in the differential diagnosis of all musculoskeletal disorders. It can be ruled in or out using the Integrative Diagnosis system.


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