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Dr. William Brady, the president and founder of Integrative Diagnosis, walks you through each of the seven FIRST PRINCIPLES of the ID system (really all of musculoskeletal healthcare). These are the fundamental principles that you must understand and utilize to pursue clinical excellence. Like what you see? Sign up for the online program.

First Principles:

1. Load vs. Capacity: All tissue problems are a result of load exceeding capacity.

2. Respect Pathology: Diminished function and/or structure are the number one reason for MSK issues.

3. Respect Symptoms: Symptoms are data. If you know how to process it you will learn a lot.

4. Measure Everything: Measurements are status and feedback. You must know these things.

5. Diagnosis: A prioritized list of tissue/pathology combinations.

6. Treatment: Treatment must be safe, effective and durable.

 7. Communication: Effective and efficient communication encourages health.

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