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Level: Mastery

April 9, 2019: Follow up on one of Dr. Nottoli’s patients. A very difficult low back case. We farm this history, exam, MRI and response to treatment to it’s maximum. The details and thought process matter.

Lessons from this coaching session:

1:30 Unusual presentation > probably unusual diagnosis
3:00 Biopsychosocial vs. functional, structural, metabolic, psychological (NEW ID MODEL)***
13:00 Producing a symptom vs reproducing chief complaint
15:00 “It’s nearby” fallacy
30:00 Adhesion is coming back quickly. Why?
40:00 New Lumbar MRI


  1. Matthew Buffan

    I thought it was awesome when Dr. Brady introduced the Functional, Structural, Metabolic & Psych model after a small group…. to see it in action at it’s highest level just leaves me saying WOW! Great job docs! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Seth Schultz, DC

    I agree Matt! Being able to think in those categories is something that no other health care provider can even fathom. Dr. Brady was just in our office yesterday and I was going over how our diagnostic blocks can change during treatment. Now adding these blocks into our flow is an even bigger step forward in separating ourselves from everything else out there. I wouldn’t even call it competition because no one else is playing the same game!

    Thank you Dr. Brady and the instructors for pushing healthcare forward and creating better doctors as a result!

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