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Level: Mastery

April 30, 2019: Post history and exam with Dr. Lytle’s patient. A 16 F with bilateral leg symptoms. Details are data. Use the data to build a complete diagnostic hypothesis. Use the exam to rule in/out each hypothesis.

Lessons from this coaching session:

0:00 Follow up on instructors meeting
14:00 Start case details: 1st Order History
39:00 2nd Order History
48:00 Exam Findings
51:00 Big picture with the ID Structure/Function/Metabolic/Psychological model


  1. Adam Holen D.C.

    These calls are beautiful. Being able to see the highest level of implementation and detail continues to help fill in the matrix. Major value to the online material. Thank you for recording and sharing.

  2. Seth Schultz, DC

    Holy shit! This was amazing to see how unpacking a case from consult to exam should be done. Keeping your diagnostic hat on through that entire process is hard to do and something I know I’ve been guilty of. Thank you Matt for showing us that even at the top these small changes in thought and data collection pay huge dividends for us as doctors but more importantly for our patients.

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