Dr. Brady's Story

As a junior in high school I was looking to choose a profession. Chiropractic jumped out at me: healing people, the philosophy made sense (prevent rather than cure and natural rather than drugs), the hours and income looked good. Perfect. I enrolled in undergrad and then transferred to Logan College of Chiropractic.

My first glimpse of trouble. It did not take long to realize school was geared toward graduating the lowest common denominator rather than training excellent doctors. The curriculum was full of outdated concepts, ineffective treatment and constant disagreement. There was no standard for diagnosis or treatment.

In 1998 I graduated as valedictorian. Over the next two years I had four associate positions. Starting over every six months was madness (three out of four bosses were liars, thieves or worse- one was excellent). This was my clinical and business school of hard knocks. I busted my butt and things didn’t work the way school or technique guru’s promised. I considered going back to school for another degree, instead I paid close attention to every success and failure. Vowing not to repeat my mistakes and there were a lot of them.

With this experience under my belt I started my own practice in downtown Boston. Things exploded! I was working very hard, patients were getting better and telling their friends. Within two years I was completely booked.

My clinical and practice success was hard fought. Through trial and error I had to discard 90% of what I was taught, integrate the remaining 10% (that often conflicted) and rely on my patient results to find the truth. I began to have tremendous respect for pathology, the value and limits of my treatment tools, while matching specific treatments to very specific diagnoses.

I then decided to bring on an associate to see how teachable these new concepts were. I hand picked an extremely smart and talented DC that just aced a test (I was an ART instructor at the time). I provided almost daily hands-on training. This allowed me to transition the ideas from vague notions to concrete teachable action steps.

In 2006 I taught the first Integrative Diagnosis seminar to a group of eager students at NYCC. By 2008 Integrative Diagnosis had grown to the point where it required a full time commitment. Closing practice was a very difficult decision but I thought “If someone else had come up with this and didn’t share it…. well that would be nuts.” Practice was closed in August 2008 and ID was full time!

Flying all over North America to give seminars I realized I am repeating myself- a lot. I decided recording the lecture portions of the seminar would be a more effective, convenient and less expensive way for providers to learn the core Integrative Diagnosis concepts, IntegrativeDiagnosis.com was launched in August of 2009.

We are constantly improving the content and growing world wide. In 2011 we added Manual Adhesion Release® and Instrument Adhesion Release® treatment to the Integrative Diagnosis method. This makes Integrative Diagnosis the only place to learn a biomechanically based, tissue specific complete diagnostic and treatment system.

In 2013 the individual coaching program was added and is a huge success. 

The ID mission:
Patients to get what they need and providers get what they deserve.



William F. Brady, D.C.