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Level: Foundation

Treatment 3

Turns out reducing adhesion is a very big deal. Fast improvement in SLR and symptom reduction.

SLR Changes:

Right: Treatment 1: 44° to 55° Treatment 2: 54° to  59° Treatment 3: 71° to 72°
Left: Treatment 1: 38° to 43° Treatment 2: 56° to 63° Treatment 3: 66° to 71°

Patient is feeling better, much less morning symptoms.

  • Diagnostic relevance and priority
  • Disc protrusion vs. Sciatic nerve adhesion
  • Palpation of adhesion during the pass


  1. James Phipps

    I love hearing how you explain and communicate to the patient, especially the nerve compression explanation and the jar analogy. Also each video reminds me how I have to communicate more during the treatments. Thanks for posting these, they are really helpful.


    It was new for me to hear about the diagnostic value of correlating the patient’s ‘stop’ and when you feel peak tension on the adhesion. But it makes complete sense! And it’s a good reminder to focus on the feel when giving treatment.

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