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More progress! 90% improved. Worst pain in 6 weeks was a 2/10 and very temporary. SLR staying great at 87° bilateral. Will get a post MRI for next visit.

Huge changes in quality of life and ADL’s. He is finally beleiveing he can feel good. Watch the end where he talks about his ability to work and make money now. 

Still thinking and planning several steps ahead.

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  1. Carl Nottoli, DC

    A couple things really stood out to me in the first video: you mentioned how great it was for him to not be in pain all the time (of course he agrees), but made sure you hammered home the point of not getting greedy. I know I absolutely would’ve messed this part up and had him increasing load a LONG time ago. The education piece of the MRI helping you determine prognosis and loading was another important part of this as well. Then future planning to realign new goals.

    The second video with the exit interview was gold! It was great to see him reminisce about his dad telling him how important health is to a happy life. He’s starting to see the light at the end of a very long tunnel. What’s scary is that if this guy were to see a pain scientist he would have gotten reassurance and more load, without removing any of the pathology!

    Your ability to maintain case control throughout this case has been eye opening. I know personally that I sometimes get greedy with patient success and increase load too rapidly. It was all done so seamlessly that I could almost see how other providers (including me) can lie to themselves that we are doing the same thing. We are not. Thanks for all the lessons with this case.

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