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Level: Foundation

This discussion is regarding the Case Study: Exam and ROF material. 

Lots of great insight from Dr. Cohen and Dr. Brady on how to make your exam and ROF really set you and the patient up for success.

What did you get from this video? Please post below. Thanks  


  1. Adam Holen D.C.

    Very cool breakdown of the exam and ROF. I agree with all of Brandon’s points. Slow down, be genuinely curious, make it meaningful for the patient by setting the stage, and the small things matter. I appreciate the insight into the nuances of the patient encounter, especially with a thoughtful review like this because I find myself in Brandon’s shoes a lot overloading the patient, breezing through things on auto-pilot, and just overall not appreciating the details. Thank you for posting this and taking the time to add even more value to the case study series.

  2. James Phipps

    This is a great video…continues to drive home the point that each of the case study videos has so much depth to it. Everything that’s said has a purpose and there is no filler. Brandon’s perspective was great to hear, thanks for putting this together.

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