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Level: Foundation

This discussion is regarding the Case Study: Lumbar Disc consultation.

Take a deep dive into lessons learned from this case study consult with Dr. Brady, Dr. Nottoli and Dr. Scharf. It’s what you implement that matters. Thanks

What did you get from the consult? Same lessons? Different? Please post below. 


  1. Seth Schultz, DC

    This was great! It’s always good to hear other takeaways from the videos. Cody’s point at the start of the video regarding the introduction of “I’m glad you’re here” is something I didn’t even pick up on. So that alone is huge! The biggest thing I noticed was how much you listened and little you wrote. I find myself trying to listen and write everything down the patient is saying. Instead of listening then writing down 1 – 2 keywords from what they said. That has helped me slow myself down and absorb what they’re telling me.

  2. Brandon Cohen DC, CSCS

    Words matter. Stop and think about how each communication piece could be received. The consult is a time to build a relationship with the patient, and help them to understand that you are on their side and that they have made a good choice to come in.

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