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Level: Foundation
Intake Interview: Patients present with their own set of hopes, fears, beleifs, experiences… We are not recommending that you interview your incoming patinets, but we wanted to remind you every patinet has their own past. Be aware and considerate. Super interesting perspective on this this case. Thanks
Initial Consult
Getting the first order history in about 5 minutes. Use the History Form
That completes the first order history. This is the most important information. Each data point must be analysed in the context of contributing to or detracting from a diagnostic option (tissue and pathology).  Then proceed to the second order history.  
That completes the consult. The next step is processing the data you collected. Fill out the post history portion of the Diagnosis Form, assess for reverse compatibility and run the Fast Map™ assessment.
Dr. Brady discussess the high level concept of disc durability, as that is part of the root cause of his low capacity. This isn’t checkers, it’s chess. Learn to think three steps ahead! (This is implementation of a mastery level understanding.)
He is excited to get started. Interested in measurements and range of motion. No concerns about treatment.


  1. Seth Schultz, DC

    Man, the statement for the purpose of the consult is so clear and concise. I thought I was stating it clear enough but as usual it can be more simple and better.

  2. Carl Nottoli, DC

    This highlights once again the “art” of the history taking process. Such an important point with setting expectations, pointing out concerns, getting early buy in and agreement from the patient. I can clearly see from my perspective that the ones that don’t go well for me clearly don’t come close to this standard. Thank you!

  3. Matthew Lytle

    I genuinely appreciate how well and smooth Dr. Brady obtained the first order history. The opening purpose set the tone so the patient knew inherently to wait for the question. No distractions or tangents.
    The close was amazing to tell him there was more to the story. So many times patients think the MRI is the whole picture. Clearly not but I can definitely remember plenty of times a lack of understanding because I didn’t make that crystal clear.
    This is great stuff!!

  4. Carl Nottoli, DC

    Wow! The post interview after the consult is eye opening. It’s hard to fathom how someone in his position with his experience could still feel like he was taken care of and that his prior providers were doing the right thing? Maybe someone else with a better background in psychology could answer this.

  5. Craig Brinkman

    Excited to have more of this kind of content to study from, really helps you think through the process. Love the little notes you added while the discussion is going!

  6. Cody Scharf, DC

    The more I watch the consult videos, the more I appreciate the art of taking a history and developing rapport right of the gate with every patient. Getting the patient interested, excited, and knowing they are in a different kind of office dedicated to their health is the priority at this point.

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