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Running an efficient and profitable business is the top of the ID pyramid. This is the icing on the cake of all your hard work and skill. The bottom line is you have to be good, then busy, then wildly profitable.

Do not underestimate the value of working for a more skilled ID provider so you can maintain focus on clinical excellence. Imagine if your neurosurgeon spent 50% of his/her time posting to Instagram and holding staff meetings about how to answer the phone?


ID logos: Downloads and rules for use

Patient Education ID Videos



What’s the most expensive thing you do?

P.A.V.E. your way to a busy practice. The patient perception of these four things is all that matters in marketing.

Dr. Lytle gives an update on how important the fundamentals are for success… and drops this bomb: He is seeing half as many patients and making 25% more money after switching to case fee!

Dr. Nottoli provides some insight on the importance of training staff. It’s not just checking insurance anymore they are extremely important team members.

Treating Multiple Regions: How to Stop

Treating Multiple Regions: How to Stop

Membership Dashboard >> Business >> Treating Multiple Regions: How to Stop TREATING MULTIPLE REGIONS: HOW TO STOPYou really can't go a full day without a patient asking: While I am here can you look at my XYZ? The patient is asking you to examine/treat a...