The second order history has been added to our newest case study. This is an incredibly compelling way to get the patient to understand your distinctions.


We just started filming a new case study! The consult with first order history is available here. This portion of the consult took about 5 minutes!


Quadruped Lumbar Flexion Test has been massively updated. See the QLF Test page. I am gearing up to perform research on the reproducibility of this exam procedure, as a result I have completely buttoned up the process. Providers and patients benefit from this detailed...


New Case Study! Using first order history, Fast Map and response to treatment we diagnose Pain of Psychological Origin. Clear your schedule, watch this game-changing video and take notes.
Fast Map™: Importance of Symptom Location

Fast Map™: Importance of Symptom Location

https://youtu.be/YrmB_lKV7SQHow do you begin working through the hundreds of possible low back pain diagnoses? Without a system it is very complicated and difficult.Fast Map™ from Integrative Diagnosis helps you get to the truth… faster and easier than any other...