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Level: Advanced

May 17, 2019: Instructors meeting treatment. Matt presents with mid thoracic symptoms. Provocative with flexion AND extension. See the biomechanics breakdown and diagnosis. Effectively treated with MAR.

Lessons from this treatment session:

0:00 40 year old, male, T5-6 area symptoms, provocative with flexion (stiff) and extension (pinch)
2:00 Local tissue discussion and determination
4:00 Quality: pinching with extension > Facet/Capsule pain generator
6:00 Thinking tissues on the fly and refining diagnostic list
8:00 Rotation is good. What comes off the list?
10:00 MAR: Thoracic Capsule **FIRST TIME EVER****
17:00 Transfer of ID/MAR skills to new tissues
19:00 Post test flexion after right capsule treatment
21:00 MAR: left thoracic capsule
24:00 Flexion 80-90% better, extension 60-70% better
30:00 Next day follow up: 70% better flexion, 50% better extension
35:00 12 day follow up: 90% better flexion, 50% better extension



  1. Adam Holen D.C.

    Nice work Cody. Very cool to see the level of detail and thought in interpreting symptoms. These videos are a great addition to online content.

  2. Seth Schultz, DC

    That was an awesome video! A big lesson for me is applying the fundamentals no matter what tissue you’re on. Seeing Cody take multiple different depths to find the exact spot is a reminder that even at the top you have to do the 1st step right. Thank you for sharing and it’s exciting to see the instructors get excited like that. Can’t wait for this weekend!

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