What is Integrative Diagnosis?

ID is an educational and certification program for healthcare providers that specialize in diagnosis and conservative treatment of muscle, nerve and joint problems.  



Symptom charts and guesswork don’t cut it! The ID system shows you how to establish a diagnosis that includes the exact tissue and pathology responsible for your patients’ problems.


Most providers are singularly focused on manual therapy, but expert conservative care must include manual therapy, exercise, and load management. If you’re not exceptionally good in all three of these areas, your practice is suffering.


Patients need to know what’s wrong, how you will help, what they need to do, and why it’s important. Even with amazing clinical skills you must be an effective communicator—be accurate, be concise, be compelling.

Is Integrative Diagnosis Right for You?

Who can sign up for Integrative Diagnosis?

Healthcare providers that are affiliated with/work for a Certified ID Provider. 


How do I get started?

The online program is the entry point into the ID system and is a prerequisite for all other programs. 

I am already certified in several techniques and have been disappointed with the results. How do I know ID won't be another disappointment?

Answer by Dr. Brady: “I know exactly where you are coming from. I wrestled with this for a decade and deal with it every day. Virtually all manual therapy programs have the same problems. They lack an objective diagnosis, are treatment focused and way too often just plain wrong. Integrative Diagnosis fixes these glaring issues. See my story here.