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ID Certification and Provider Listing

ID Certification

Providers are certified by Integrative Diagnosis LLC while they meet the following requirements:

  1. The maintain an online membership at the certification level or greater.
  2. They attend a hands-on seminar at least once every 18 months.
  3. They have a professional license in good standing to perform body work in their jurisdiction.
  4. They implement the ID principles as trained online and in person.
  5. They maintain ethics and integrity consistent with the ID community.
When the above requirements are met, certification is obtained over five levels: 
  1. Low Back & Hips: These providers are certified to perform Integrative Diagnosis and Manual Adhesion Release for the low back and hips. 
  2. Shoulder & Knee: These providers are certified to perform Integrative Diagnosis and Manual Adhesion Release for the Shoulder and Knee.
  3. Neck and Back: These providers are certified to perform Integrative Diagnosis and Manual Adhesion Release for the cervical spine and thoracic spine. 
  4. Instrument Adhesion Release: These providers are certified to perform Instrument Adhesion Release (IAR). This is an advanced soft tissue procedure that aids in the identification and reduction of adhesion. IAR can be applied to many regions of the body.
  5. Ankle, Elbow and Wrist: These providers are certified to perform Integrative Diagnosis, Manual Adhesion Release and Instrument Adhesion Release for the ankle, elbow and wrist. 
Certified providers must state they are certified in the specific body regions that apply or full body certified. 

If certification is revoked or expired the provider may state "Former certified Integrative Diagnosis provider for BODY REGIONS from DATE to DATE" only. They may not use ID, Integrative Diagnosis, MAR, Manual Adhesion Release, IAR, Instrument Adhesion Release, respective logos, related images or video etc. Course attendance may be listed on a resume or CV stating the course title, date and hours only.

Breach of these guidelines is illegal use and unprofessional conduct. Per our terms of use there is a $1500 penalty or actual damages per occurrence. Please be professional and represent your credentials honestly.

If you had certification in multiple body regions that timed out at 18 months since your last seminar, but it is before three years, attendance of one seminar will restore your certification for the other body regions as well. If it has been more than 3 years since you attended a hands on seminar you will only be certified for the current course(s). In short, your old courses attendance has fully lapsed and each will need to be re-certified.  

ID Provider Listing

Certified ID providers are automatically listed in the ID provider listing. This is a publicly searchable database to assist patients and other health care professionals in finding the most qualified and accessible ID providers.

Your provider listing will automatically use the street address and web address provided with your online membership. Please ensure this information is accurate. Only one street and one web address is allowed per provider.

Certification levels will be updated within 30 days of completion of each hands-on seminar.

Please make sure your web site has information about Integrative Diagnosis on the about or services page. 

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