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As of December 6, 2022 Integrative Diagnosis is closed.

We thank all the providers who have participated in our training program.

A Membership to Integrative Diagnosis Provides You:


The online program is the entry point into the ID system and is a prerequisite for all other programs.


For certified providers that have attended at least one hands-on course and want to take their skill to the next level... small group seminars are amazing. Courses have one ID instructor and only three providers. This is the ultimate in hands-on intense instruction. We identify and fix your specific areas for improvement.


One-on-one time with an Integrative Diagnosis instructor, in their office. There are three parts: 1) Patient Observation: See an ID instructor treat patients! This is the ID system expertly utilized in all aspects: diagnosis, communication, treatment, notes, staff, office look and feel… everything! 2) Discussion: Get all of your questions answered. Observation will trigger questions on the part of the provider and teaching opportunities on the part of the instructor. This solidifies and deepens the understanding of what happened during observation. 3) Hands-On: The instructor and provider will take turns being patient and doctor. This provides opportunity for hands-on time and expert technique feedback in the flow of a patient visit.  


Providers that are fully certified are encouraged to have an in office assessment. An ID instructor comes to your office and observes the provider and patient interactions. The instructor assesses the implementation of the ID principles, diagnosis, treatment and communication and makes concrete actionable recommendations for improvement.

Is Integrative Diagnosis Right for You?

Are you a healthcare provider who has concerns about insurance reimbursement? Are you confident with your diagnosis, treatment and communication? Do you keep jumping from one technique to the next without real results? Then you are just like everyone else… Your solution is the Integrative Diagnosis system.